Chinese Language Resources

Tools and Downloads

Chinese text analyzer

This tool attempts to quantify the level of difficulty of a passage of Chinese text by assessing the relative frequency (according to a very large news-based corpus) of the characters contained therein.

List of Modern Radicals

As it appears in the TPS Frequency Dictionary of Mandarin Chinese. (also available as a one-page quick reference)

Pinyin Quick Reference

A one-page reference sheet of Mandarin pronunciation and romanization, with examples from English pronunciation.

Character Writing Grids

1-character vocabulary grid (PDF), with spaces for pinyin and English. (also available in a 2-character version)

3-way dialog grid (double-sided PDF) with spaces for Chinese characters, pinyin, and English. (also available in color)

Custom writing grid generator


Listing of the 3,500 most frequently occurring (simplified) Chinese characters.




Today's Xinhuanet daily news dispatch (also available in PDF format: Page [1] [2] [3] [4])

Really awesome Chinese language learning website.